Why us

Our team knows how to maximize your capacity, efficiency and speed using the most reliable components. We provide technical solutions, support, and service in the USA and Canada.

With established relationships to number one manufacturers like Welch, Huber, and MTA, we only sell the right equipment for the best price. Headquartered in Orange County CA, our products are listed with the IECEE (International Electro-technical commission) as well as IS09001:2006 Certification

About us

Salem Scientific is the industry leader in cannabis extraction technology, turn-key automated process equipment, compliance, installation, site planning, and training. As a pioneer in this field, our team helps cannabis and hemp businesses stay ahead of the competitive market conditions with world renowned quality equipment and installation.

We Proudly Stock



We strive to go beyond expectations with each product we manufacture. We’ve been recognized as a thought leader in the space, and we’re committed to leading the way rather than following trends.


We not only manufacture the world’s most advanced professional extraction equipment, we teach our clients how to produce world class extracts.


With large, technical items - the sales process goes way beyond a purchase. We work with our customers before - and after - each sale as a trusted advisor, not just a supplier.